Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tournament Recap: Alamo 2015 paint contest

  As I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite parts of being a TO is getting to add events that I want to see on the Grand Tournament scene. 
  Since 2011, I've hosted an individual painting contest at the Alamo - the only paint contest at a GT in the south. Mierce Miniatures agreed to sponsor the event for the fourth year in a row, and the winners get to take home a wicked trophy as well.
  All the entries, after the jump!

  This year, we kept our usual three categories: Best Unit (5+ models, any size), Best Small Model (any model on a 50x50mm base or smaller), and Best Large Model (any model on larger than a 50x50mm base or with the Large Target rule). In addition, we award a Best in Show to the best entry among the three categories.
  In addition, Alamo is restrictive about awards and tries to spread the love around; if a player submits a model from his army and that army wins a Best Painted award, his model is excluded from these awards (except Best in Show). Judging this paint contest is one of the best parts of my job as TO.
Entries are listed in no particular order, though they are grouped by category.

Best Large Model

Jen Starling's Djinn-Giant

Warren Knowles's Beastman chariot

Zach Clark's Daemon Prince

Jeff Swann's Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

Nate Culver's Caradryan

Another angle of Caradryan, showing off the metallic highlights on the wings

Robby King's Black Orc Warboss on Wyvern

Another angle of Robby King's Warboss on Wyvern

Ryan Capps's Treeman, whose sword broke in transit

Andrew Heinrich's dwarven drinking buddy

Edward Oh's Bloodthirster of Adjective [Word that is Angry]

Closer shot of the scenic duel on the Bloodthirster's base

A poor Warrior-Priest, about to be destroyed
Julien Lesage's Mountain Troll Ancient

Best Single Model

Nate Culver's 'Murican allied eagle

Reverse view of the hard-to-highlight black wings of Nate Culver's eagle

Ryan Capps's Bretonnian standard bearer

Jeff Swann's Infinity gem-duelist

Andrew Heinrich's Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer

Edward Oh's Bloodletter banner bearer

A closer shot of Edward Oh's Bloodletter banner bearer

Warren Knowles's Nurgle Battle Standard Bearer

Robby King's Black Orc Bob, da Battle Standard Bearer

Robby King's BoB, this time seeing his front

Nathan Brakel's Savage Orc Shaman
Julien Lesage's Skaldi Bonehammer

Best Unit

Jen Starling's Nurgling poop-snails

Mike Hengl's Big 'Uns

Mike Hengl's Big 'Uns havin' a scrap

Nathan Brakel's River Trolls

Another shot of Mike Hengl's scrappy Big 'Uns

Nate Brakel's river trolls

Fred Whitney's Bloodletters of the Deeps

Sirens accompany Fred Whitney's bloodletters, to draw men to their DOOM

Edward Oh's Bloodletters

The banner for Edward Oh's Bloodletters

Another banner hidden in Edward Oh's bloodletters

Individual model detail on Edward Oh's bloodletters

Jeff Swann's Daemonettes

A close-up shot of Jeff Swann's daemonettes

Another close-up of Jeff Swann's Daemonettes

Nate Culver's Phoenix Guard

The banner for Nate Culver's Phoenix Guard

The BSB in Nate Culver's Phoenix Guard

The rank-and-file members of Nate Culver's Phoenix Guard

Robby King's Black Orc Bock Big 'Uns

The unit champ in Robby King's BoB Black Orcs

Rank and File members of Robby King's Black Orcs

Andrew Heinrich's dwarves, with some golem support

Rank and file in Andrew Heinrich's longbeards

Some monstrosities fill out Andrew Heinrich's dwarves

Warren Knowles's Nurgle Knights

The banner in Warren Knowles's Knights of Nurgle

Rank-and-file in Warren Knowles's Nurgle Knights

Even the movement tray has freehand in Warren Knowles's Nurgle Knights

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