Friday, May 31, 2013

So why a blog?

I do a lot of GTs. Every time I do one, people ask, "Where can I see your stuff online?" Well, I'm lazy. I paint models but never take the time to photograph or share them. Since there seems to be some demand for it, I'm going to try to change that.
The Beer Waaagh was my 2013 army, featuring drunken Savage Orcs. Since I viewed it as my most iconic army (and the one I enjoy playing the most) I swiped the name for the blog.
You'll see a bunch of stuff on here: finished models, WIPs, army showcases, tournament spreads, and anything else I feel like sharing. I won't guarantee regular updates, but will try to do some when I have a moment or two.
To start, here's a random photo from my 2011 lizardman army, featuring Saurus warriors and an Oldblood.