Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mag Ap Mag, counts-as Chaos Spawn

Howdy! Here's a WIP thread of another Mierce model I worked on a few months ago: Mag Ap Mag, a dynwocor of the Brythoniaid faction. It was a fun sculpt to paint, and I enjoyed knocking it out!
Well, it's been a few months, and all I can say is that I'm sorry! I'm still painting, but I've had a number of life changes that now limit my ability to take and upload photos of what I've been up to. I'll see if I can correct that in the weeks ahead.
Here's another Mierce model I'd been wanting to paint for a while. I painted him up to be a Chaos Spawn 'upgrade' for my Warriors of Chaos army in case any of my characters rolled Spawndom at Waaaghpacca, which required models for that purpose.
I got Mag Ap Mag as part of the Nobles pledge during Mierce's second Kickstarter; I'm not sure I would have purchased it on its own. Boy am I glad I got him, though! The Roberto Chaudon sculpt is, as always, a treat to paint, and there are some fun elements between anatomy and armor that were joyful to work with. I've got the other Dynwocor on order from the Darklands: New Kindreds kickstarter, and I can't wait to start seeing their progress sculpts!
 Unfortunately, five months have passed between me painting Mag Ap Mag and now, so my color blends are from a very dated memory.

For the blue base coat, I went with what is usually one of my second or third layers of dark blue and Ultramarine blue. I wanted this guy to be brighter than the rest of the Warriors (to make him seem less a part of the force, and more daemonic), so starting at a higher base coat helped with that. I also intended to get back to washes with him, which would require a lighter base coat.

I also did the base coat for the other not-metallic surfaces: Medium Grey for the hair and bone, and Stonewall Grey for the whites, prior to putting down the washes.

I believe I used three washes for this model: a blue (6:1 water to ink), a brown (8:1 water to ink), and a purple (10:1 water to ink). The purple ended up dominating the other two, but I didn't feel too badly about that, as I felt it would resonate with the dragon ogres in the army and some of the purple shading I'd done in other models.

First two layers of blue; ultramarine blue, followed by a mix of ultramarine and electric blue. I added a drop of turquiose to the latter layer to make it a bit odder in shade.

The next layer was a 50/50 mix of electric blue and turquoise.

Same colors, different proportion

Final two layers added white to the previous blue/turquoise layers

Though I had done both the mane and teeth/claws in medium grey, I decided to split them for layering ,as I wanted a yellowish mane for contrast. The claws/teeth are my typical Medium Grey/Bone White/White mixture, while the man started with Plague Brown and worked up to yellow.

After the bone and yellow was done, I mixed the stonewall grey with some wolf grey and started highlighting up towards white.

A brief interlude; the claws, skin, mane, and wraps are all done. All that's left is the blade, and the metal armor.

I decided to go with obsidian for his blade, so I researched the heck out of how its color works. In the end, I settled for a mixture of greys, SS camo black brown, purples, and black, with a lot of edge highlighting to make it look glossy without using gloss varnish.

For the armor, I went with a color scheme derived from pictures of lighters; that of metal that's been burnt. Rather than just light to dark, it goes light to dark to light, with some purple and browns mixed into the middle. I fear it's too subtle on this model (where there's a lot of other purple subtlety in the ink washes, which the armor just fades into), but it'll be something I probably try again in a scenario where it'll be more obvious.

A few final shots of the model, pre-basing. He never got used in a game, he just spend the whole event looking awesome. I'm OK with that!

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