Friday, April 24, 2015

Angedern and Daarkan - Demon Prince/Giant and Chaos Lord

Two posts in consecutive days? This is getting out of hand! Below the cut, I paint Angedern, the Prifdyndraig from Mierce Miniatures, and throw in an infantry model just for good measure.

I'm still working through my backlog of WiPs I documented but haven't posted yet. This one is Angedern, who's a Prifdyndraig of the Brythoniaid faction of Darklands, by Mierce Miniatures. I've used him in Warhammer games as a Daemon Prince of Nurgle (without wings), and as a Giant, depending on how I was feeling at the time.

First off, a scale shot next to some of Mierce's other infantry, with an ogre on the far right. Angedern's a big fella!

Another scale shot, this time next to one of the Dyndraig that I use as ogres of Nurgle.

One final scale shot, next to the Mierce model I used as a Nurgle caster. This was my justification for using him as a giant, as assuming a 6' infantry model, Angedern stood 20' or so tall!

This one's  going to be a lot less detailed than most of my other WiP threads, as I only took pictures sporadically. Here's Angedern with his green, bone/horns, and wooden weapon handle done. I also decided to paint Daarkan at the same time, as I had ideas to mount him on Angrislaug (I know Mierce Militia fans are quivering at the mixing of the kindreds; that's how I roll!)

A reverse of Angedern with the skin and bone done. I've documented both these steps closely in other posts, so I didn't see a reason to go into it more.

I made the call that I wanted Angedern's armor to be semi-daemonic, but not to go to excess. Since the Warriors army was themed around dragons, doing it reminiscent of flames seemed like the ideal way to go. Daarkan was to be armed with a Hellfire Sword, so doing the same for his draconic axe-head also made sense. I did the reds from Vallejo Gory Red to Sunburst yellow, over seven transitions. For Angedern's armor, I wanted to give a lightning-flame effect (similar to what I did on Malacant, but more subtle), as I've not really seen it done that much. I echoed the effect in a few places on Daarkan's armor, as I feared the non-metallics I was intending to do his in would be too boring without some color to bring them out.

I've added a bit of blue to the models now, just to keep the color palette used for the army. I've also decided to go white with the cloak on Daarkan and loincloth on Angedern, to mirror the clothing colors I used on my Dyndraig.

A closer view of Angedern

As I worked, I decided that the silver NMM I'd intended to use for these models just wasn't going to work; it was going to fade into the white on their clothing, and make the models seem too cool. Instead, I grabbed the bronze NMM I had done for Aradae Mawr and the Cawrdraig/Dragon Ogres, and used that. Daarkan's got the base layer down in this photo; Angedern has not yet been painted (though I did some NMM silver on his weapon blade). The Dyndraig in the background is there for reference, and to make sure the colors matched what was already in the army.

Daarkan and Angedern, with the NMM bronze finished. I did go back and add a bit of NMM silver to points of his armor just to break it up, but not enough to detract from the model.

Angedern with the NMM bronze completed. The warmer colors in the bronze complement the red/yellows of the armor better, while making the reptilian green also seem to belong. The blue and white contrast colors provide a breakup of the palette and pop those details out that much more.

A reverse of Angedern, showing the back of the loincloth and the NMM silver I used for his chainmail.
Finally, a close-up of Daarkan.


  1. Beautiful work. however, what is the beer in the background of picture with Daarkan in the foreground and Angedem in front of the bottle? Looks like something raspberry. More importantly, where can one find it?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Greg: It's Rubaeus, from Founders Brewing. I picked some up at the massive HEB Plus at 1604/Bandera about six months ago.