Thursday, December 25, 2014

Alamo Terrain

Why have I been quiet so much lately? Part of it has been exhaustion - I've been doing a lot, and haven't taken the time required to update this blog. Part has been frustration and stress. As a case in point, when I took over TO responsibilities at the Alamo, I decided two things needed to be done: I needed a piece of mysterious terrain to go on every table, and I needed a building to go on every table for one scenario. The Alamo has 38 tables. From the end of Bayou battles until the Alamo, I designed, built, and painted 76 pieces of terrain. Some of them got documented, so I'll share them here!

An unpainted version of the Taco Hut. I made 38 of these for Scenario 4.

A Shrine of Sigmar and Tower of Blood (not yet bloodied)

The water effects that went onto the Tower of Blood were painted red after they dried.

The mushrooms for four Fungus Forests.

Two of those fungus forests, as well as a Magic Circle (snotling Stonehenge)

A better view of the magic circle.

An unpainted Altar of Khaine, with an elven waystone in the background

An acropolis of heroes

Mid-way through painting the Altar of Khaine and elven waystone

The Altar of Khaine, minus the pool of blood on the bottom

A Sorcerous Portal

A Haunted Mansion and Bane Stone

All the mysterious terrain on one table

The finished Altar of Khaine

The finished Acropolis of Heroes

We used this Astromancer's Tower as a Sorcerer's Tower

A Bane Stone

This Dreadstone Blight was used as Arcane Ruins

A second, more painted Sorcerer's Portal

Another fungus forest

Hope you enjoyed!

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