Thursday, December 25, 2014

Quake City Rumble 2014 - Armies on Parade

Sorry for the delay in posting; real life has intruded harshly and I have a huge backlog to get through! First, paint contest entries and armies seen at Quake City Rumble, in San Francisco mid-summer 2014

Bob Felix's Orc BSB
Joe Rogers's Dark Elf Lokhir Fellheart
The "Hentai Monster"

Mike Adkins's Arch-Lector of Ulric

Joel Boccio's Exalter Hero of Tzeentch on a Daemon mount

Larry D's Brettonnian damsel
Mark Cox's Wizard Hat Skaven Warlord on Palanquin

Casey Clements's Empire BSB

Tony Pacheco's Chaos BSB

Casey Clements's Empire Halberdiers

Bob Felix's Rat Ogres
Joe Rogers's Chaos Hounds

Mike Adkins's Knights of the White Wolf

Tony Pacheco's Dwarfs (with Minotaur hired swords)

Ryan Smith's Warriors of Tzeentch

Ryan Smith's Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

Edward Oh's Greater Daemon

Bob Felix's giant thing

Casey Clements's steam tank

Scott Silvestra's hellpit abomination

Joe Frith's giant

Mike Sanders's trolls (I think)

Bob Felix's river trolls

Mike Adkins's demigryphs

Zach Lopez's Nurgle BSB on daemonic mount

Joe Frith's Thundertusk

Ryan Smith's skull crushers of Khorne

On to armies!

Ed Phillips's daemons

Rex Olivieri's Kislev Brettonians

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