Friday, July 25, 2014

Texas War Games Con 2014: Armies on Parade

A selection of Warhammer Fantasy, and Warhammer 40k armies that were set up Sunday morning at Texas War Games Con. Very limited commentary, as I was focusing more on taking pictures and less on taking notes.

Nathan Blake's Ogres

Edward Oh's Daemons, who knocked the snot out of me Game 3

Scott Hakala's Dark Elves, who snuck out a win when time was called before we could resolve the combat that had a unit of Chaos Warriors in the rear of his last 3 Dark Elf Executioners.

Jody Stubblefield's Ogres

Robby King's Daemons

Jeff Swann's Daemons.

Jeff Swann's gorgeous Soulgrinder

Thomas, my first opponent's, three Terrorgheist list

Joe Guzoswski's Warriors of Chaos

Shayne Wharton's Ogres. Shane was drinking from a mead horn the whole tournament, which was awesome.

Dan Lindley's Skaven

Ryan Smith's Cult of the Dragon Warriors of Chaos list

Closer shot of my Chaos Ogres and Warhounds

A closer shot of the Slaanesh daemon prince

A closer shot of the four Skullcrushers

A closer shot of Angrislaug in Hellcannon form.

Rackham Fiannas as Wood Elf Wardancers

Zach Harrison's awesome Warriors list

Zach Harrison's Molochs daemon prince, and Kraan on bear.

Zach Harrison's Kraan on Bear (Tzeentch BSB), and Daemon Prince

Zach Harrison's Throgg

Zach Harrison's trolls

Zach Harrison's chariot

Zach Harrison's Skullcrushers of Khorne

Josh Moll's Blood Angels

That's right: all those fantasy armies were set out Sunday morning, and only 3 40k armies, despite an almost 3:1 ratio of 40k to Fantasy players. Guess they're just not the trusting sort...

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  1. These are absolutely awesome. Is there any chance of seeing some close up, detailed models of the individual units in your warriors of chaos army? The painting is absolutely insane, and I love the theme.

    Cheers Chris