Friday, July 25, 2014

Mierce Waelwulfas: Unboxing/Assembly

I had a little brown box come in the post last night. I wonder whatever could be inside...

I opened the box carefully, to find bubble wrap! Overjoyed at my unexpected gift, I pressed on to find...
... five Waelwulfas, still in their Kickstarter-approved ziplock bags. Let's take them out, shall we?

Here are the fivee Waelwulfas laid out with their supporting sprues. Each sprue has three to four components, and the unit commander's head was separate.
I was so excited that I assembled the first before I hardly knew what I'd done.
The pose, as you can see, feels very organic. There's a slight seam issue with the head attaching to the body, but I probably won't even put any putty on it. There's also a mold line running up the right leg, and you can see I accidentally took of the small claw on the right foot while trimming sprue away.
The second model, before being removed from sprue.
The second model assembled.
A reverse of the second model. There's a lot of danger in this one. There's a slight gap (from trimming sprue) that you can see at the top of the shoulder join, and a bit of sprue I missed on his forehead, but the model is very free of mold lines.
The unit commander, pre-assembly. His sprue had a tail, a lower jaw, and both arms. (Apparently I never took an assembled picture of him - whoops!)

The standard-bearer equivalent. As you can see, there's a really harsh mold line running along his back that had to be cleaned up before assembling.
The standard assembled.
A reverse of the standard, in what feels like a much more organic pose.
The fully assembled unit, with Cearl in the background for scale (though on the wrong sized base).
A reverse of the assembled unit. I have no idea when I'm going to get around to painting them, but hopefully it will be soon!

I'm really pleased with the unit. The forms and shapes of the models match well with the Rackham Confrontation Wolfen, which they might be integrated with at some point (though these are much smaller, you can see Cearl next to one here, and they're a bit smaller than Cearl). They're as detailed as I expect from Benoit Cosse, though, and I strongly recommend them when they go on sale (in the September time frame, I would think).

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  1. So great to see the minis, love those wolfies, they look mean as :)