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The Alamo GT 2013 - Painting Contest

Part II of my Alamo Coverage is going to focus on the individual paint contest entries. The winners are in order, but all the other category entries are listed in the order I took photos of them, not the order they finished in the contest.
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Because the Alamo tries to spread out prize support, the following rules were in effect:
* If a player won a Best Painted award, and would have won one of these categories with a model/unit from that army, the Best Painted award took precedence.
* Players could only have one entry per category.
* If a player would have won awards with multiple entries, the highest finishing entry took precedence.
* Best in Show was the best entry submitted, and took precedence over winning at a category level.

Best In Show was the single entry, out of all the categories, that I was judged to be the best.

Rob Henderson's Bastilidon won, in part, for perfectly demonstrating how to paint black on a model. As those of you who paint regularly know, adding shading to black without having it turn into an ugly grey shade is very difficult, and Rob nailed it.
The seamless wet blending on the crystals and bold  yellow-to-black color scheme helped as well. The pink skinks add even more contrast, and make the black seem that much darker. The photo doesn't do the bronze non-metallics around the gems justics, which I regret.

Entries in the Best Single Model category. These were models at 50mm x 50mm bases or smaller:

Tony Pacheco's Oldblood on Cold One finished first in the category for its stunning non-metallic bronzes, attention to detail in picking out every single scale and texturing the Cold One's hide, and the amazing reds on the Oldblood.

Brandon Roth's Disc of Tzeentch rider moved so fast I couldn't keep him focused, but finished second.

Brenton Smith's Doombull picked up third for the work on his shield (which I regretfully forgot to take a picture of).

Casey Clements's Empire Captain BSB

Michael McGuire's gorgeous non-metallics on this Empire Captain would have placed in the category, but his Iron Daemon got the nod in Large instead.

Zach Clark's Festus

Chris Saik's Bad Moon Shaman

Warlord Merkit, submitter unknown.

Cody Middleton's Herald of Tzeentch

Rob Henderson's Tetto'eko

Michael Pennington's semi-ethereal Vampire

Entries in the Best Large Model category. These were on 50mm x 50mm bases or larger.

Mike "Colonel" Sanders won the category for this converted Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood

Michael McGuire's Iron Daemon finished second for its seamless Non-Metallic Metals.

Zach Clark's massive Chaos Dragon finished third in the category.

Tony Pacheco's Stegadon

Casey Clements's Pegasus Lord

Sean Bright's Stonehorn

Cody Wilkerson's High Elf Dragon

Bill Latoria's Chaos Chariot

Michael Pennington's ethereal-themed Terrorgheist.

Cody Middleton's Great Unclean One

Tom Allison's Terrorgheist

Entries for the Best Unit category, which required at least 3 models:

Chris Saik's boldly colored Trolls won the category.

Christon Saik's Sisters of Avelorn finished second.

Cody Middleton's Horrors of Tzeentch finished third in the category.

Bill Latoria's Seekers of Slannesh had a beautiful hand-painted banner and some great color choices, but were just too glossy for my taste.

Tony Pacheco's stunning Cold One Knights.

Casey Clements's Halberdiers were exceptional, but winning a Best Painted award kept him from making my Best In Show decision extremely difficult. They led him to win Player's Choice, though!

Robert Henderson's pink Saurus Warriors were a refreshing change of pace.

Julien Lesange's ghoul unit fit the dark mood of his army perfectly.

Mikal Werre didn't enter, but brought his Silver Daemon-winning Plaguebearer unit by after the contest was over. They're fantastic enough to warrant sharing!

[EDIT: Accidentally put Cody Middleton's Horrors first instead of third, and forgot Michael McGuire had won with the Iron Daemon and thus didn't get 2nd in Single. The moral of the story: I should not be posting from memory while sober, when the memories were created in a non-sober state...]

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