Monday, November 4, 2013

The Alamo GT 2013: Army Parade

Well, this past weekend was the Alamo GT here in San Antonio. I got the privilege of doing the paint judging, with an adorable assistant who made a cameo Sunday morning. Follow the jump for the gorgeous armies that were set up on Sunday morning. If your army isn't here, I apologize; I only took shots of the ones that were set up for viewing on Sunday morning.
Also, if you know who owns any of the unlabeled ones, please feel free to let me know. I'll update as I go along. It's also worth noting that some of these armies are incomplete because the players submitted parts of them to the individual painting contest. I'll do a post of those entries probably tomorrow. I will be going back through my paint judging notes and updating where I can, but I want to get this out for enjoyment as quickly as I can!

First off, Ethan expresses his joy at getting to walk the tables Sunday morning and look at all the pretties. He only tried to eat two models...

Dark Elves from Mike "Colonel" Sanders, from Leadership 2.

Warriors of Chaos

Sean Bright's Ogres.

Justin Balusk's Bretonnians

Ed Phillips and Chuck Gavlak got so drunk during Game 3 that they just left their armies where they lay overnight. Ed finished second in Painting.

Casey Clements's Empire, which won Player's Choice and third Painted. He's missing a large infantry block and two other models for the paint contest.

Julian Lesange's Vampire Counts. This is the army that won First Overall. Look in awe, ye mighty!

Tony Pacheco's Lizardmen. Tony finished Third Overall and picked up 2nd place in Player's Choice. A Stegadon, Cold One Rider, and block of Cold Ones are missing for the paint contest.

Mark Cox's rather blurry Skaven. Ethan grabbed the camera on this one.

A great Roman-themed Ogre Kingdoms army

Gene Kahle's Yellow Bretonnians!

Brandon Roth's all-chariot Nurgle army

Bill Latoria's gloss-varnished Warriors army. Bill: your paint is beautiful, please don't hit it with so much gloss coat! The freehand banners on this one were stunning.

Rick Hoy's all-Lego Warriors of Chaos army. This was the hardest army to paint judge.

High Elves

Chad Pond's Skaven

Mike Grajeda's High Elves

High Elves

Ryan Abt's Wood Elves


John Green's Chaos Dwarves, with a fantastically converted Destroyer

Jack Green's Skaven. Even more impressive considering how young their painter was - the youngest player at the Alamo!

Lance Brown's gorgeous snow-themed Beastmen force.

Jordan Braun's sharks with freaking laser beams on their heads.

James Demaria's Skaven

Zach Clark's Festus list, minus the dragon and Festus.

A showcase of Mike Scalletti's Warriors of Chaos. His army wasn't set up, but he won Best Painted so I took the time to shoot a couple of the highlights of his army. This bad boy is his Hellcannon

More of Mike Scalletti's work, this time a Gorebeast Chariot

Mike Scaletti's Daemon Princess

Even more Scaletti.

Mike, I took five times the pictures of your army than any other! His armies pop better than almost anyone else in the hobby.

Greg Coffman's Tomb Kings

Matthew Kahle's nautical Ogre Kingdoms


Jennifer Starling's Daemons

Chris Saik's Orcs & Goblins. This army finished third in the Player's Choice voting.

Christon Saik's High Elves

Lance Hatcher's Dwarves

Nick Meyer ran my Lizardmen. I photographed them from the back for modesty's sake.

Trevor Weerts's Tomb Kings

Robert Henderson's Lizardmen. The Bastilidon won Best in Show in the paint contest, and my son tried to eat it.

Brenton Smith's Beastmen

Chris Cole's Skaven, still in disarray after spending Game 3 drinking with Sean Bright

Brett Lamb's Vampire Counts army - with ghost goblins!

Robby Sieman brought four blocks of Dwarf warriors to protect his cannons!

Derek Wiswell's Vampire Counts

Andrew Heinrich's Dwarves

Jeff Suess's High Elves, which finished 2nd Overall

"Q" Bohn's Daemons, from Club Capri

Marcus's Chaos Dwarves, with none of the toys the other Chaos Dwarf players brought

George Loeffler's Ogre Kingdoms after game 3

Josh Fricke's Sphinxes, from Leadership 2

Steve Schifani's Black Orc Brewery army

Thomas Dietzel's Ogre Kingdoms

Greg Harris's Lizardmen


  1. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Wish I coulda made there this year. Next time!!

  2. Wow !!!!!!!! I'm equally inspired to improve my painting or go shot myself.

  3. I've missed you the past GT season, Scott! Hope you're doing OK! Lone Wolf will be back in Dallas this March; go register if you can make it!

  4. Neat Ryan! Next time let me know you want to take pics and I'll set my army up.

    BTW, I told Bailey to tell you that if I don't show up with a new army to next year's Alamo I'm officially removing myself from the running for any painting awards. Gotta motivate myself to paint somehow.