Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A look forward!

In today's post, Ryan discusses what you can look forward to on this blog in the weeks and months ahead.
A Texas sunrise. Not the drink, the actual one. With sun.

By now you might have noticed that I've been posting regularly. I've been very bad lately about only posting once a month, especially when I Hobby 3-5 times a week and generally take pictures of stuff. The past week has been an attempt to clear off some of the backlog, while convincing myself that I can post regularly if I just motivate myself to do it. I probably won't be doing daily posts for much longer, but I am going to keep doing them while I've got the backlogged content.
So, what can you expect coming up? Well, I'm going to do my first (and probably last) ever #ThrowbackThursday post with a look back at my first "dominant" army - a Wood Elves force that was converted to be reminiscent of the movie Avatar. Some of you guys might remember parts of this one from the Bell of Lost Souls.
I seem to have taken a narrow view here...

Friday, I'll be putting up an article about the space I use for my hobby area, and showing you how I keep all my stuff out of the hands of curious toddlers and manage to paint in my living room, while keeping the creep of Hobby away from the rest of the house.
Next week, I'll have a LONG-overdue Waaaaghpaca 2014 Army Showcase, as well as a look at the display board I built and took up there. 
Now, with extra bro time! Spoiler alert: this was just the start.

I'll showcase another unit my Ogres of Ulric, to go with the ones I've been showing off for the past few months, and then do an unboxing/assembly post for the Mierce Miniatures Corpse Takers. 
I bet I can glue this back together...
Finally, I'll be doing a Force Build preview for my next army project, my first Kings of War army (more on that below)

The TO's seat: best seat at a GT!
I'll probably be quiet the next week, as it'll be the week before the Alamo GT and I'll have my TO hat on, but expect Armies on Parade and Paint Contest posts the week after that.

Now that the South is going to Kings of War, I've got more Hobby motivation than I've had in a very long time. I'm super excited to be trying a new game, and I'm even more excited seeing the passion a lot of other people have for it. So what's coming up on here after the Alamo?

Well, I accepted a challenge from Rob Phaneuf of the Counter Charge! podcast to represent my podcast in an Army in a Weekend Challenge that'll be run between November 13th and 15th. I'll be painting up 1000 points of The Herd in the equivalent of a weekend. There'll be more info on that coming from me next week.

They said I could base on anything, so I based on a lamp
Following that, I've accepted a challenge from Mantic North America to join the best painters on the GT scene in Texas - Jeff Swann from Ft. Worth, Edward Oh, Casey Clements, and Russell Helms from Houston, and the now Out-Of-Retirement Jim Bailey from San Antonio - in painting a single Mantic miniature or unit out of the box and making it look amazing. I'm sick of the whining about Mantic's sculpts not being detailed enough, so we're going to get together and show off just how good they can be with some effort, and then have the internet vote on who did it the best. We're jokingly calling this "contest" The Golden Fisty.
Not my Golden Fisty entry, but proof that I do paint Mantic stuff

 Once that's done, I'll be doing some Mierce miscast bits conversions, painting the other 1000 points of my Herd force, writing more battle reports...
Spoiler alert: one of them got eaten

knocking out a few Mierce character models...
So many choices!
and doing more unboxings/reviews as stuff comes in!
Darklands: Wave 2!

This is actual footage of me at the first Master's. I kid you not.
I'll also continue to provide tournament coverage of the GTs I've got coming up, starting with the Las Vegas Open, where I'll be representing the South at the last US Warhammer Masters - I was at the first, so I put on my Play to Win pants this year and am pretty much a lock to attend the last.

Who has Rogness Thorhildur on tap? This guy!
Is there stuff you'd like to see me do? Are there posts you prefer seeing, or ones you'd rather I do fewer of? Do you want more tutorials? More discussion of what it's like under the TO's hat? Reviews of beer (instead of just teasing it in the background)?

 If so, please reach out and let me know! I do this stuff so people have things to read and motivate them, so if there's stuff you'd like to see, please ask! If nobody read this, I wouldn't bother updating it.
For those weirdos who just can't get enough, I'll close this by sharing the other ways you can get a hold of me. I'm semi-daily on Twitter under the unimaginative handle @beerwaaaagh; if you need more beer, that's a great place to see what I'm drinking, as it links to my Untappd feed (also beerwaaagh).
Jim Bailey photobombs an Untappd checkin
I also do a podcast (roughly) every two weeks with Jeff Swann and Mark Cox called The Beer Phase; it's available anywhere you get podcasts from (like iTunes).
The podcast sounds pretty much like this looks.

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