Friday, July 10, 2015

Tournament Recap: Alamo Paint contest

  One of my favorite parts of being a TO is getting to add events that I want to see on the Grand Tournament scene. The first one I've been able to add has been individual painting contests. For the past three years at the Alamo, Mierce Miniatures has sent me prize support that we use to run a paint contest. We run three categories: Best Unit (5+ models, any size), Best Small Model (any model on a 50x50mm base or smaller), and Best Large Model (any model on larger than a 50x50mm base or with the Large Target rule). In addition, we award a Best in Show to the best entry among the three categories.
  In addition, Alamo is restrictive about awards and tries to spread the love around; if a player submits a model from his army and that army wins a Best Painted award, his model is excluded from these awards. Judging this paint contest is one of the best parts of my job as TO.
All the entries, after the jump!

A big thanks to Mierce Miniatures for donating the awesome prize support!

Best Small Model (50mm x 50mm, or smaller base)

The field of entries

Rick Hoy's entry

Brandon Roth's Beast-Skaven

Russell Helms's Empire BSB

Lex Simon's Japanese Warrior

Warren Knowles's Warriors of Chaos BSB

Kyle Valdez's Dark Elf Prince on Dark Pegasus

Zach Clark's Herald of Khorne

Andrew Heinrich's Dwarf Thane

Blake Dixon's Frost Ogre Hunter

Julien Lesage's Vampire

Hayne Begley's Salamander

Matt McDonough's Grimgor Ironhide

Georde Murray's Mangler Squigs

Jacob Berry's Wood Elf Lord

Mark Cox's Skaven Warlord on Warlitter

Edward Oh's Herald of Tzeentch

Best Unit

The field of entries

Jeff Swann's Bloodletters

Julien Lesage's Dwarf Longbeards

Warren Knowles's Chaos Warriors of Nurgle

The banner on Warren Knowles's Warriors of Nurgle

Andrew Heinrich's Dwarf Warriors

Reed Andrews's Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard

Reed Andrew's Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard block. Check out the source lighting on the edges of the models!

Russell Helms's Inner Circle Knights

Nathaniel Culver's dioramic squig herd

Best Large Model:

The field for Best Large Model

Matt Reisch's Bone Giant

Rick Hoy's Black Orc Brewery giant

Georde Murray's Colossal Squig

Matt McDonough's mangler squig

Hanye Begley's Stegadon

Blake Dixon's Stonehorn

Warren Knowles's Daemon Prince

Jen Starling's Great Unclean one, based on Mierce Miniatures's Prince of Flies model

(yes, Jen Starling's Great Unclean One had balls)

Jeff Swann's Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets

Reed Andrew's Chaos Dwarf Giant

Russell Helms's Steam Tank (which won Best in Show)

The interior of Russell Helms's Steam Tank

Lots of fiddly details inside there!

Jacob Berry's Treeman

Robby King's Khorne Juggernaut Lord

Julien Lesage's whatever-the-heck this is from that other skirmish game

Zach Clark's Daemon Prince

Andrew Heinrich's Dwarf "Giant"

Nathaniel Culver's Doom Diver, based on the Forgeworld Squig Launcher

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