Monday, March 31, 2014

Warhammer US Masters Report

Well, it's been a while since the Masters happened, but because I was so frantically trying to get my army ready for Lone Wolf, I never took the time to share the photos I took from it! Let's correct that now, shall we?

Game 1, I played against Todd Wyatt's Carnival of Chaos. He and I fought a hearty game to a draw; I negated his Cacobomb Daemon Prince with Spear chukkas and kept him out of the game until turn 5, by which point I'd killed enough chaff to pull a draw.
Game 2, I played against Johnny Hastings's Minotaur-themed Ogre Kingdoms army. Johnny had spent 4 years working on this army, and it showed. He ended up winning Best Painted on a Player's Vote tiebreaker (but won the tiebreaker vote handily, 29-14). Oh yea, and he tabled me in the game.

His bulls face off against Wolf Riders and my new troll.

Utterly gorgeous chaos in the middle of the board.

The Wolf Riders lose their banner to an Ironblaster charge in the flank.

Game 3, I lost to Jason Johnson from Arkansas. Jason and I drank quite a lot of beer during this game, so I only took one photo of it: the highlight. A Bretonnian Damsel defeats 3 Bock Lobba crew members.

My Game 4 didn't go any better (another Cacobomb list that didn't have the problems against me that Todd had).

Game 4, turn 1. This was the closest it ever got.

My game 4 opponent plots my demise...

Finally, Josh Fricke beat me game 5 with a nice Doomfire Warlocks Dark Elf list in a fantastic back-and-forth game. I was having so much fun, I forgot to take pictures of it!
I finished the tournament 0-4-1, but finished 2nd on Best Painted, so I was content with that. I also picked up two Best Game votes, so that was a nice bonus!

Now, the reason I post tournament reports at all: the army showcases!

Todd Wyatt's Carnival of Chaos force (my game 1 opponent)

Johnny Hastings's Mournfang cav.

Johnny Hastings's Maneaters

Johnny Hastings's Ironblaster. I wish I'd taken a picture of the back of this guy; the fur was painted well enough you expected it to have texture.

Johnny Hastings's BSB

Johnny Hastings's Bull unit

Johnny Hastings's Minotaur OK army, from the side.

A bit closer shot of Todd Wyatt's Carnival of Chaos

Todd Wyatt's Dragon Ogre Shaggoth model.

Todd Wyatt's other Shaggoth

Ryan Smith's Beer Waaagh.

Another angle of the Beer Waaagh, with my Waaaagh! charge markers out.

The Texas-flag BSB and boar-riding Orc Boss of Ryan Smith's Beer Waaagh! army

The new Orc Boss on Boar, with the River Trolls behind him and Durlag Kegbearer on his left.

A blurry shot of my Mangler squig and wolf riders

Another blurry shot. This was taken just prior to my Youtube interview on painting, which was itself taken just after consuming Scotch.

A better shot of Johnny Hastings's Mournfang cavalry.

Johnny Hastings's Ogre Kingdoms minotaur

Johnny Hastings, master of the gratuitously large banner.

Another shot of Johnny Hastings's Ironblaster.

Eion Whelan's Eyebiter Tribe Ogre Kingdoms army forms a shield wall

Eion Whelan's Eyebiters, showing the Sabretusk and unit of Bulls

Eion Whelan's Ogre Kingdoms BSB and Ogre Mage

Eion Whelan's Leadbelchers

Eion Whelan's Ironblaster and Mournfang

Eion Whelan's Tyrant

Peyton Shipman's Empire General on Griffon.

Peyton Shipman's Steam Tank

Peyton Shipman's Great Cannon

Peyton Shipman's Demigryph Knights and Knights

Another unit of Peyton Shipman's Knights.

After the army showcase was done, I wandered around and took pictures of the armies that were set up, but weren't on display for Best Painted. The highlights are below. If there's no description, it's because the armies weren't labeled and I don't know who they belonged to.

Mierce Miniatures's Creoda leading a chariot.

A reverse of the Creoda chariot

Don Gilliland's Orc and Goblin hordes

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