Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Lone Wolf GT 2014: Armies on Parade

  I've been oddly quiet for about a month now, for which I apologize. I ran out of time working on my army for Lone Wolf, and the result was four weeks of frantic painting, no sleep, and absolutely no time to take pictures of what I was working on. The Cult of the Dragon made its first appearance at a GT, and finished with Player's Choice and 2nd Best Army (paint) behind Casey Clements's Empire.
  There were a lot of great armies at Lone Wolf, and because a lot of people were nice and left them set up Saturday night, I was able to document the vast majority!
  Click the jump if you want to see more than the four Player's Choice/Best Painted winners above...

Blake Dixon's High Elf display board had a great narrative behind it.

The custom bases on Blake Dixon's High Elves tell the story of an army returning home.

Blake Dixon's slightly blurry BSB, flanked by a converted Maaru, Swordtooth from Mierce Miniatures.

Blake Dixon's reavers climb the arch home.

Zack Harrison had a fantastic breadth of models in his Warriors of Chaos unit selection.

For Zack Harrison's Daemon Prince, one of the re-released Molochs from Rackham. I love the effects on those flaming blades.

Zack Harrison's Battle Standard Bearer on Daemon Mount is Kraan, from Mierce Miniatures. I used Kraan's legs for my own BSB, so I can't complain about this choice!

Zack Harrison's other Daemon Prince is Thagrosh the Messiah, from Privateer Press. I bought one for the same reason (though Mierce's Secchus is going to fill the role instead).
Ryan Abt's Wood Elves.

I wrote down whose Warriors of Chaos army this was, but the picture is so blurry I can't read it. If you see this, let me know and I'll update to give you credit!

Ryan Smith's Mierce Brythoniaid Warriors of Chaos army (mine, for those of you not paying attention at home). This won Player's Choice and 2nd Best Army.

Matthew Swinney's Lizardmen

Chris Davis's Dark Elves.

Another unlabeled High Elf army

A beautify display board for a Fimir army.

This is, I believe Julien Lesange's Vampire Counts. If it is, it won 1st Overall.

Jason Shoup's Daemons had a great contrasting color palette.

Jason Johnson's Dwarves.

Zack Harrison's army was so nice, I went back for a second round of pictures.

Zack Harrison's Chaos Snail (I believe he was using it as a chariot) from Scibor.

Zack Harrison's Kraan on bear, flanked by a Khorne Lord and Throgg.

I really, really liked Zack Harrison's Molochs model.

Zack Harrison's Chaos Trolls, complete with a Dire Troll Eternal

Fear the Herdstone! I believe this Beastman army belonged to John Bailey.

This is known in Texas as "That Zombie Army".

Blake Dixon's High Elves got more love from my camera Saturday night

A dual-phoenix High Elf list.

A dwarf list braves the mountain snows

The mean forces of the Smurf tribe of the Ogre Kingdoms

Kenzie Vogt's Wood Elves

Another Warriors of Chaos list.

More high elves.

That's a lot of slaves...

This might be Julien Lesange's Vampire Counts. Please put your name by your army if you want credit for it!

Oh look, I'm back at Blake Dixon's High Elves! Here's a showcase of his Maaru conversion.

Shayne Wharton's Dwarves. The bear riders were used as Gyrocopters, because "bears got jumps".

One of Shayne Wharton's Scibor "gyrocopters"

The other of Shayne Wharton's Scibor bear riders.

Richard Vogt's Tomb Kings.

This is Mike Hengl's... Mike, were you running Warriors as well?

Two phoenixes too many, in my opinion...

Sadly, the only picture I have of Casey Clements's gorgeous Empire army is this blurry one. A lesson to myself about drinking and then doing my Army Parade photos...

A cavalry-heavy High Elf force

Hayne Begley's volcanic Lizardmen.

Khorne Daemons.

Doomwheel skaven army... OF DOOM!!!

More volcanic Lizardmen, though not mine or Hayne's.

Lots of love for the Wood Elves this year!

More Lizardmen. I think this is Matt Hakala's list, but I'm not confident enough to promise it.

Aaron Chapman's Monty Python Empire army came out of retirement to grab a 3rd Player's Choice option. Aaron was awesome and came in costume, even knighting the Overall winner (Julien Lesange) as part of the awards ceremony!

Chris Saik's gun-heavy Ogre Kingdoms list. Chris was playing on Table 1 on the last game, so it clearly didn't do poorly for him...

Another dwarf list that needed a name.

Clint Tennill's Warriors of Chaos

Skip Filgo's african Orc and Goblins army

Skip's armies always resonate with that giggly little boy inside me. This one was no exception.

Russell Helms's Empire finished 3rd painted, and were probably a display board away from being in the Player's Choice discussion. I took a ton of pictures of this one, because I love seeing new names in my competition!

Russell Helms's gorgeous Averland Knights. Check out the freehand on that banner...

Russen Helms's Haverland halberdiers

I loved the wood grain detail on Russell Helms's steam tank.

An ogre mercenary supports the Averlander Halberdiers in Russell Helms's Empire force.

Clean paint jobs are always a treat to look at, so Russell Helms's Averlanders had a lot of pictures of it taken.

Russell Helms's War Altar of Sigmar

The backside of Russell Helms's Steam Tank.

Russell Helms's Hellblaster

Russell Helms's Averlander Bowmen.


  1. Looks like a bunch of great looking armies. Thanks for taking the time to take and put up the pics.

  2. What Tim said. It doesn't take the sting of having to cancel and not go, but it helps.

  3. The owner of that chaos army that was too blurry to read was Brian Medus of the Bayou Rats. He won best general.