Tuesday, July 16, 2013

QCR - Army of Darkness

Made it out to Quake City Rumble in San Francisco this past weekend. Had five fantastic games which deserve a post in and of themselves, but more importantly, fielded my 2013 tournament army: The Army of Darkness!
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I ran it very soft at QCR and went 0-4-1 for my trouble. But it was cool enough to get Players Choice and soft enough to get Best Army, so I'm happy with that.
Above is a shot of it staged the night before I left, with the windmill actually turned off.

The Terrorgheist earned an honorable mention for Best Large Miniature, landing behind Ed Phillips's Vermin Lord.

The source lighting on the Vargheists was enough to bring home a Best Large Unit award as well.

Ash hiding behind a unit of Grave Guard, with some miniature Ashes and the Terrorgheist's base behind him.

The Black Knights, with an Evil Dead banner straight from the movie poster.

The Deathcoaster, flanked by Grave Guard and a block of skeletons, advances in front of two units of Deadites (zombies).

Finally, a glorious plug to the Hangover Heroes of Texas. We donated a keg to the tournament (Devil's Canyon Full Boar scotch ale) and contributed to the earliest drunkeness at QCR in a while. Slamming down 8.5% beer made for a great series of losses.


  1. Your work continues to amaze me. Well done, sir.

  2. Greg,
    Thanks! I didn't realize you were also a homebrewer; we'll have to swap bottles at some point! Are you going to be making it to Bayou this year?

  3. I'll be there with my freshly painted Tomb Kings. It's just about killing me trying to get them done, though.