Monday, June 27, 2016

Painting showcase: Carnosaur converted from McFarlane Dragon

Howdy! Today I'm showing off a rather old model for me: a converted Carnosaur I made out of a McFarlane dragon and a Reaper Reptus rider, and painted while I was on a business trip to Australia. Check it out after the jump!

This bad boy was a frustrating result of not being able to find a suitably terrifying model for a Carnosaur. In the end, I grabbed a McFarlane dragon off the shelf, sawed its base apart, and then mounted a rider on it.
The original McFarlane dragon, from Series 4
I ripped the wings off, sawed the base up, and greenstuffed the sockets where the wings had been. I should go find them...

The reverse angle really shows how dynamic this model is meant to be. The height was just intimidating!
A close-up on the face of the Carnosaur. The whole model was repainted from the McFarland paint color

I knew the rider would have the Burning Blade, and my Lizardmen were themed around a lava concept, so I sculpted flames on the weapon. Were I to do it again now, I also would have source lit the model.
I decided to go with yellow stripes for high contrast, but they completely faded out at a distance. You can see the detail of the model in this close up, as well as one of the articulation joints.
The tail wraps around the tree, which I thought was a cool little detail. The tree was also heavily painted, with lots of washes to make it look unique.
The base is 1/4" wood, cut to a 50x50 and hollowed out. From the base to the top of the tree is stuffed with lead buckshot; the roots are rubber and are draped over the top, then green stuffed to connect it to the wooden base. The buckshot just barely balances the weight of the model on top. I used a LOT of it.
A close-up of the rider. Very vibrant, but I would have redone the eyes.
I was much happier with the eyes on the Carnosaur.
I really wanted it to look like an ambush predator, and I think this angle captured that.
Patience... that demon prince is coming towards you...
Another distance shot. The model is huge, and was a great centerpiece for the army.

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