Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lone Wolf GT 2016 Report

On a "Didn't I do this last month?" note, here's a quick photo dump of the awesome armies that were at the Lone Wolf GT, the first Kings of War GT in Texas. Lots of images after Chuck Gavlak waves us into the jump...

First off, apologies if your name isn't on your army; not everyone labeled theirs, and six weeks later, I can't remember anything!

An action shot of my Harpies getting charged by Molochs in game 1.
My Tribal Warriors unit gets front and flank charged by Tortured souls, but managed to get the double-1s I needed in game 1! They were able to countercharge and pop the Tortured Souls in their front, but I lost the game badly.

Richard Vogt's Empire of Dust. I dropped a game to him after making a bad tactical decision.

Chris Davis's Abyssal Dwarves

Fred Whitney's spectacular Trident Realms
Closer shot of Fred Whitney's Trident Realms
More of Fred Whitney's Trident Realms

Jeff Swann's Abyssals; these bad boys finished second paint, second Player's Choice, and first Overall
Jeff Swann's Abyssal Archfiend, which also picked up the Brush with Death trophy

Jeff Swann's efreet

Brad McKay's ratmen

Lex Simon's Varangur

Jeff Franz's Abyssal Dwarves

'Q' Bohn's flying circus/chariot elf list


Rick Hoy's Forces of Nature (my Game 4)


Dustin Howard's Abyssals

Steve Schifani's army

James Gush's Undead

Chris Gibney's Ratmen

David Bowman's Abyssal Dwarves came out of retirement

More Abyssal dwarves!

Daniel King's Herd force, all the way from the UK!

Jody Stubblefield's Abyssal Dwarves

Justin Akers's Vampire Counts

Chuck Gavlak's Orcs

Robby King's Ogres finished third in Best Painted and Player's Choice

Brian Ching's Abyssal Dwarves

A close-up of Brian Ching's Abyssal Dwarves, using old school Rackham models

Mike Deter

A blurry shot of my army

My Lycan Alpha (Mammax) in front of the Stampede)

My Tribal Warriors horde/Gabrax
My Lycan regiment

My lycan horde
The Sronax as Stampede
A side view of the harpy/eagle diorama
Closer shot of the harpy/eagle units

The harpies on top of their building
My herd, as seen from above

Somehow Brandon Roth made an Orc army out of Orruk things.

Rob Phaneuf's Ogres

Mike Grajeda's Ogres

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  1. Thanks for the rundown! Great lineup of armies, many of which I recognize from around the Internets. Very excited to hear how your herd fared, speaking of stunning armies ;D