Monday, December 30, 2013

Battle for Port Maw

This past weekend, Dan Norris, Thomas Morgan, and the Alamo GT scene sponsored a one-day, 124,000 point Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse game. I haven't played 40k since 2010, but I showed up for a bit to take pictures and watch the Chaos! They had four tables going, with 30 players. In the end, the forces of evil won by a paltry 14 out of 300+ objectives!
  I wasn't paying close enough attention to really know what was going, on, but feel free to follow the jump if you want to see the epic conflict as it raged in turns 3-4!

Greenskin traitor, Oscar "dA mAd ChOpPa" Barela, surveys the fallen Gargants on the field with bearded greenskin hero Todd Rumbach.

Greenskin general Todd Rumbach tries to figure out how to handle 7 Baneblades

The Baneblades make their advance, supported by a bunch of Wraith-Stuff

Jim Bailey's gargant (with mechanized chainsaw) braces for charges.

The Imperial Advance on the greenskin Waaagh!

The backfield, where Imperial fliers try to take down the last remnants of Greekskin support around objectives.

Chaos Defilers advance on a different system

The Crimson Fists face off against traitors

Brian Styre's Anngrath the Unbound charges into Imperial tank lines

John Salter and John Bailey try to figure out how the Traitor Guard and Daemons are going to hold the left flank. (Spoiler alert: they didn't, but Brian Styre's Thousand Sons held the right)

Brian Styre's Anngrath crushes puny Baneblade! Or tries to, anyway. (A D-weapon would beat him to the punch). He did, however, hold the Imperial Objective!

Andrew Heinrich's Space Wolves and Oscar's Crimson Fists hold their emplacements, protected by advancing Imperial Guard.

The White Scars make their move towards Daemonettes, supported by a Baneblade and Imperial Fists

Eric Bucheger's Necron Pylon stands amidst Grey Knights, while a different Anngrath prepares to make its move.

John Felger's Helldrakes move against the weak Imperium, supported by a Chaos Warhound

Whoever brought an Ultraforge Vrock gets a cookie, in my book.

Another Ultraforge Greater Daemon takes the field

Dustin Skeens's Tyranid Hive attempts to swarm over the opposition.

Dusin Skeens's Tyranid bio-titans consume all in their path.

A shot down the table where the Tyranids consumed everything.

"Fliers incoming!!!"

The Imperial armored formation makes its stand, as Richard Taylor decides where to focus his fire.

Greenskin generals Reed Andrews, Jim Bailey, and Todd Rumbach enjoy the fruits of victory - Beer. (Also, in my experience, the fruits of loss).

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  1. Thanks for posting the photos. I missed the chance to go out and see the carnage myself.